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This was the Sunset Cafe's website. The domain has been bought. The new owner has enjoyed the Portugese cuisine at this neighborhood restaurant for many years and consequently decided to keep the site as it was.
Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages and a few outside sources when the restaurant was still owned by the F. Castanheira.

The restaurant is still open and serving delicious food in Cambridge MA. although in 2016 after the death of David Castanheira who was running the restaurant, it was temporarily closed.
The restaurant is now under new management.

851 Cambridge Street,
Cambridge, MA 02141.
Toll Free:    1 800 590 2938
Telephone: (617) 547 2938


The Home of Authentic Portugese Cuisine below you will find the titles of our delicious appetizers and entrees.

From scratch-made food, to genuine Portuguese-American hospitality, you'll find that we do things a little differently at The Sunset Cafe.


You have stepped into a bit of history, not only of this restaurant but also of the Portuguese culture. Before you embark on a wonderful voyage of food, wine, and music, please relax and absorb a bit of antiquity.

Portugese cuisine consists of fresh fish, wonderful shellfish, and spicy meats and is a mix of French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English food.

At the Sunset Cafe we combine food, wine, and music to recreate a piece of our culture. Our smooth, rich port wine is recognized internationally for its excellence and will enhance all of our meals.

We welcome you to experience the pleasure of Portuguese cuisine. Welcome to the Sunset Cafe!

- David Castanheira, Owner


Our goal at The Sunset Cafe is to bring the inviting feeling of the old neighborhood a little closer to your neighborhood. To be more than just a place to eat, but rather, be a gathering place where you and your friends and family can slow down, enjoy a great meal and reconnect.

Everything is priced per person, and the plates won't stop coming until you're done. There'll be plenty to go around and everyone gets to sample a variety of delicious, Chef-prepared dishes.

The passion in our food comes from the passion of our Chefs. Our food is prepared lovingly with only the freshest of ingredients, authentic recipes and pride. Love for food is what being an Portuguese-American is all about.

In addition, we strive for the highest standards in cleanliness. All of our staff are educated regarding the best way to keep all utensils, dishes, and surfaces disinfected.We use disinfecting wipes extensively. Disinfectant wipes kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs, including viruses that cause colds and flu. These pre moistened thick, textured wipes are ready-to-use and effective on kitchen grease and soap scum and work on a variety of surfaces, mirrors and glass, finished hardwood and even greasy kitchen counters and appliances. Our restaurant food inspection rating is the highest and we are proud of that fact.


This is what it is all about - celebrating life every day. Of course we love to celebrate life's major events too. We make sure no matter how large your celebration (two or two-hundred), we accommodate all of your needs.

Best of all, if you're planning an event, you'll have your own personal Event Manager to help you at every step of the way. Plus, The Sunset Cafe has its own unique and spacious banquet facility designed to accommodate everything from wedding celebrations to business meetings. You almost can't help but host a perfect event at The Sunset Cafe.

  • Bringing people together is The Sunset Cafe's specialty.

    • Wedding Events
    • Business Events
    • Social Events
    • Religious Events

Notable: The retirement event for Sidney Shelton at The Sunset Cafe was an affair to remember, blending heartwarming gestures with the rich flavors of Portuguese cuisine. The venue, renowned for its authentic dishes, set the stage for our Cambridge golf group's tribute to Sidney's two decades of leadership. A pivotal moment of the celebration was when we surprised Sid with a custom-engraved Tour Edge driver, a replacement for his previous favorite tragically crushed by a golf cart. The engraving, "Who needs a hole in 1?", a phrase Sidney is famously known to quip, symbolized not only our appreciation but also the light-hearted resilience that Sid brought to our group. The Sunset Cafe's exceptional service and culinary excellence, coupled with this thoughtful presentation, made the evening truly unforgettable. Their dedication to creating a perfect event atmosphere comes highly recommended for anyone looking to celebrate significant milestones.




Sunset Café is a savory fusion of Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine located in Cambridge. The old world charm and lovingly prepared authentic recipes give a real taste of Portuguese culture with English, Spanish, Italian, French and German influences.

Sunset Café serves lunch and dinner, and can accommodate private functions and offers catering services. Menu items are all made from scratch and diners are welcome to ask for customization of any dish. Lunch choices include entrées, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas, wings, soup, salads and starters. The dinner menu at Sunset Café has numerous meat, seafood and fish dishes including the ever-popular grilled whole fish of the day. Be sure to try the Portuguese fries and finish with the mango mousse cake.

YELP Reviews

Kin W.
Dorchester Center, MA
5.0 star rating
I have been to this restaurant more than a dozen times since 2011 and I am still enjoying my every visit.
They have 3 to 4 daily special despite a rich menu they provide. I always order a garlic soup and a seafood entree, either fish, shrimps or octopus. The portion is right and I always finish my food.
The old decoration does not bother me at all. To me, it is more important to see the table cloth, wine glasses and utensils being clean. Everything in the restaurant is very clean.
There are several negative reviews below in which the reviewer mentioned that she/he used groupon. Those people are cheapskate and do not have good taste in food. I suggest you skip those reviews.



Erica E.
Boston MA
5.0 star rating
Came here after not being able to find a table at assembly row. The food was very good, service was warm and attentive, and the best part was the amazing live music, a guitar and a vocal.. haven't had this kind of truly relaxing and fine dining experience for a while


Kathy K.
Cambridge, MA
2.0 star rating
I have lived in the area for about 10 years and finally ventured in last Saturday evening.  It's nicer on the inside than I thought, although they really do need new chairs and tables.  The faded awning outside also really needs to go as it does nothing to make you want to go there.

Our experience started out rocky and stayed rocky for the 2.5 hours the two of us were there.  As there was nice live music, the place seemed to be more crowded than what I usually notice walking by.  The dinning room was about 2/3 full and was manned only by two waitstaff.  There was neither hostess nor bus boys -- the result was two stressed servers who simply could not keep up given the number of tables and the fact most guests seemed to order alcohol, apps, entrees and desserts.
It was a fortunate thing that the waitress brought us bread because it took 50 minutes for our appetizer to arrive.  At the 1.25 hour mark, the waitress came back to tell us that my entree was not available and I would have to pick something else.  At close to the 2 hour mark we were brought another table's food. 

Our waitress was nice enough throughout and apologized constantly.  Our food actually was good once it was correctly served.
What was incredibly insulting to me and to all the other patrons was the complete failure of the manager to do a damn thing during the 2.5 hours I watched him come in and out of the dining room.  He looked directly at tables that needed busing, empty water glasses and visibly upset patrons -- such as the table next to ours which eventually walked out.  He did absolutely nothing.  What good restaurant manager ever does that?

The fellow would stand in the area nearest the server station and look repeatedly at his phone and glance at the room.  At some point I was tempted to go over and get the water pitcher he was standing next to to start pouring water for 4 to 6 tables with no water. 
I really wanted to like this place as the music was good and the food decent.  The complete disaster of service and the apathy of the manager, however, really ruined the experience.






Sopa a Portuguesa
vegtable soup with potatoes and linguica.

Caldo Verde
cream of potatoe, collard greens, and sliced linguica.

Sopa de Alho
tomato based garlic broth with poached egg.

Clam Chowder
blend of succulent clams, cream and potatoes, strips of tripe and linguica
stewed in a savory gravy.



Cocktail de Camarao
jumbo shrimp cocktail.

Camarao Alhinho
shrimp sauteed in lemon, butter, garlic, and parsley.

Camarao a Mocambique
shrimp sauteed in beer, hot sauce, butter, and parsley.

Mexilhoes a Espanhola
mussels sauteed in a tomato based sauce.

Ameijoas Recheadas
three cherrystones with stuffing made with shrimp, onions, parsley
garlic, and sherry.

Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato
eight little neck clams steamed with olive oil, garlic, pepper, and a splash
of wine.

Ameijoas Abertas ao Natural
six cherrystones on ice served with lemon and cocktail sauce.

Chourico a Corisco
hot Portuguese sausage marinated in a red wine sauce.

Chourico Flamejado
Portiguese sausage served in flames.

Favas Guizadas com Linguica
stewed fava beans with linguica.

Presunto com Melao
prosciutto with cantelope.



Mariscada a Chefe
lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops, and mussels simmered in a red
seafood sauce.

Arroz de Marisco
delicious combination of rice and seafood including lobster,
shrimp, clams, scallops, and mussels.

Paelha a Marinheiro
baby shrimp and clam rice roasted with lobster, shrimp. clams,
mussel, scallops, chicken, and linguica.

Seafood and Pasta
shrimp, scallops, clams, and mussels sauteed in a red seafood
broth with a touch of cream.

Lagosta Recheada
lobster with a shrimp, onion, parsley, garlic, and sherry stuffing.

Lagosta Cozida
boiled lobster with Portuguese fries and drawn butter.

Camarao a Ana Maria
jumbo shrimp sauteed in a tomato based sauce with garlic,
crushed pepper, and white wine.

Camarao a Sunset
jumbo shrimp sauteed with garlic, olive oil, wine, lemon,
and spices.

Camarao Recheado
stuffed jumbo shrimp with Portuguese fries and vegtables.

Camarao a Africana
shrimp with the head on simmered in a spicy homemade sauce.

Camarao Frito a Americana
fried shrimp American style.

Scallops Fritos ou Grelhados
succulent scallops fried or broiled.



Bacalhau a Sunset
barbecued codfish with baked red bliss potatoes, onion, garlic,
and olive oil.

Bacalhau Assado a Sacavem
barbecued codfish with a green pepper and onion salad.

Bacalhau Cozido
boiled codfish with vegetables and boiled potatoes.

Bacalhau a Escondidinho
codfish roasted in a tomato, onion, and pepper sauce.

Polvo Guizado
octopus stewed in a red wine sauce with your choice of rice or
boiled potatoes.

Filete de Peixe Dourados
golden fillete of fish fried Portuguese style.

Filete de Peixe Assado no Forno
baked Boston scrod.

Lulas Grelhadas
grilled squid with a lemon and butter sauce.

Salmao Grelhado
grilled salmon with vegtables and boiled potatoes.

Swordfish a Algarvia
swordfish sauteed then roasted in a light seafood broth
with almonds and almond liquor.

Halibut Grelhado
grilled halibut with vegtables and boiled potatoes.

Halibut com Presunto
roasted halibut wrapped in prosciutto.

Atum Grelhado
grilled tuna steak with vegtables and boiled potatoes.

Linguado a Primavera
pan seared Dover sole in a light seafood broth smothered
in vegtables and potato.



Bife a Sunset
sirloin steak sauteed in a homemade gravy and topped with
bacon and a fried egg.

Bife Grelhado
grilled sirloin steak with a touch of butter, vegtables, rice
and Portuguese fries.

Filet Mignon
grilled filet mignon with mushroom sauce.

Surf and Turf
grilled filet mignon with a choice of grilled or stuffed
jumbo shrimp.

Carne Alentejana
marinated pork and little neck clams sauteed in a homemade
meat sauce with fried potatoes.

Lombo de Porco Assado
marinated pork tenderloin roasted in a meat sauce.

Febras de Porco Grelhadas
grilled marinated pork cutlets with rice, vegtables, and
Portuguese fries.

Galinha a Crioulo
cajun marinated grilled chicken breast.

Frango Assado
whole oven roasted rock cornish hen with sauce, rice, vegtables
and Portugues fries.

Galinha a Duquesa
chicken breast sauteed with port wine, meat stock, and mushrooms.

Peito de Galinha Grelhado
grilled chicken breast with Portuguese fries, rice, and vegtables.

Cabrito Estufado
marinated goat braised in a special meat sauce.

Coelho a Cacador
tender marinated rabbit stewed to perfection.

Dobrada a Portuguesa
strips of tripe and linguica stewed in a savory gravy.